• 10Day Semi-permanent make-up,
    Eyelashes are extended 、Beeswax hair removal course
  • 5Day semi-permanent make-up professional course
  • 7Day Semi-permanent make-up,
    Eyelashes are extended course
  • Field Experienced Expert Lecturer Group
  • After graduation all
    course Can actually operate
  • Provide all the convenience services during your stay in Korea
    (Accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, etc.)
  • For the Chinese professional beauty training institutions,
    Equipped with professional Chinese translation,
    To achieve communication in South Korea accessibility barrier
  • After graduation, all lectures are given during the study period
    Situation photo (new technology)
  • Founded in China as a graduate
    Mainly engaged in beauty research and technology exchange
  • Graduates form technical exchanges
    ( Will be opened in China in the future use of chain stores)
South Korea semi-permanent selection of South Korea Mikwang beauty school, the achievements of wonderful beautiful life
“Korea Mikwang Beauty Academy will be your cornerstone of success "
With the development of fashion and people's pursuit of the new "beauty"
Plastic has become an irreversible trend of fashion trends, but its hazards also follow
So, how can we not move the knife in the case of natural beauty highlights it?
We Korea Mikwang beauty school through continuous research, successfully solved this problem.
Our hospital also follow this footsteps, in order to short time to the majority of Chinese compatriots to teach South Korea's first-class beauty technology set up the Institute.

Our hospital not only has a field practice professor team, in addition, in order to make every student can become a first-class beautician, our hospital will provide efficient and systematic practice teaching.
In order to continue to follow the trend of the wind, the hospital will set up a beauty research association, and held a beauty technology exchange.

The concept of action plus action, it will change a world.
Mikwang The school is the advanced school philosophy, excellent campus culture, a new management model, a good teaching environment, a solid faculty, excellent school characteristics and attract attention.
Success accompanied by sweat, hard pregnant with joy.

Constantly increase and update the teaching knowledge, so that students master the most popular, most advanced and most practical technology, and learn to use technology to fully arm themselves;
And constantly improve and improve the college skills, the use of practical teaching methods, internship in the study, to achieve easy employment after graduation;
We train our students with quasi-professional standards to achieve the goal of upgrading talent, upgrading services and upgrading the wealth.
Mikwang The school is a practical person, a solid and human basis, in order to be pragmatic, innovative development principles, to unique education, skills education, innovative education for teaching methods, which won the majority of students trust and recognition.

A modern, high-quality American school, a promising beauty salon business school preferred, creating the United States and the United States the cradle of talent has risen in South Korea!

We sincerely welcome the United States industry enthusiasts to come to school, the common cause of beauty more brilliant new chapter!

Finally, I wish the students: today to study hard, the next year,
  • Chairman of the board
    Ahn Hee Sang

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