South Korea's top salon dean composed of lecturers; Field Experienced Expert Lecturer Group!
院长 金 和 伶 Kim Hwa Ryoung
"Seoul, South Korea's semi-permanent training schools Mikwang Beauty Academy by looking for "beauty" elements of the composition, to develop semi-permanent make-up core famous salon technology as a teaching goal"

Mikwang Beauty Academy in the European tradition of beauty industry and beauty salon core technology, to accept the experience of countless VIP customers as the background, to develop famous salon technology as the main goal.

Mikwang Beauty Academy semi-permanent make-up training institutions in order to improve the quality of education, in understanding the "beauty" on the basis of specializing in actual combat technology education.

At present, there are already many students through the Mikwang beauty school to master the technology, active in all parts of the country, and received technical recognition.

In order to be able to provide better education, Mikwang beauty school is also with the times, continue to learn and understand the "beauty" changes.
Mikwang beauty school education philosophy is to make women's life more abundant, more proud!

To this end, we not only provide special technology that belongs only to Mikwang Beauty Academy, but also provides a variety of business models, thinking training and marketing training.

I believe that you will have a self-confidence, a positive concept and a customer's ability and professionalism to operate independently at the Megumi Beauty School. We are committed to let every student graduate can become a veritable semi-permanent beauty experts.

We are committed to providing more efficient education through continuous efforts and research.

I believe that in the choice of our moment, you are already a successful person.

  • Dean
    Kim Hwa Ryoung

United States KOLORSOURCE Color Master Trainer for professional Pigmentation
United States KOLORSOURCE Color Blending Education for Professional Pigmentation
The United States Professional Make-up Artist
United States KOLORSOURCE Master Trainer
United States KOLORSOURCE Color Education for Master Trainer
Korea Brand Beauty Salon Mind Education

Design graduate
Red fox beauty Shop Dean
Happy & beauty Shop Dean
MaNo Total Shop Dean

Present) The Seri beauty Salon-beauty artist
Train more than 60 South Korea Miss famous salon
Present) Lisienne chief physician of dermatology
Is now famous salon technical education committee
Is the actor, the musical "Three Musketeers" actors, magazine models, fashion models, SBS "dear" starter group, KLPGA players,
Miss Korea and other VIP customer management
Is the South Korean semi - permanent association judges
  • 裵智慧
    Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Jianguo University
    FACE LINE79Beauty salon manager
    Supertalent Of the world’Premium makeup artist
    selfie stick Advertising makeup artist
    Designer's Ability KoreaPremium makeup artist
    Comedy TV“Beautiful times "the first season make-up artist
    Asian Pacific Fashion Show makeup artist
    International Beauty Skills Competition judges
    KBS“Happy wedding "starring makeup artist
    Korean Republic of Culture and Art Award winner
  • 鄭寶蓮
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Xijing University
    Korea Beauty Association Level 1 experts
    Korea Beauty National Qualification Instructor
    Queen 's skin management center vice president
    IvyChief of plastic surgery hospital
    City a skill college, skin management class special lecturer
    2013Year of the World Beauty Expo skills contest judges
    KASF2014Beauty Skills Competition Organizing Committee
    SBSStar, fashion model, special skin management division
    National Beauty Technology Competition
  • 金智妍
    Shuming Women 's University Bachelor' s degree in beauty arts
    Korea Nail Technology Association KPNT Level 1 Qualifier
    Korea Industrial Manpower Management Association nail lecturer
    First ClassNail professional and technical
    Odyssey Global Nail Cup Tip Overlay-one ton
    Senior department award
    Nail EXPO Silk Extinsion Professional player department award
    BINAIL Plane art ProfessionalProfessional player department excellent
    2014BETAInternational Beauty Assembly nail judges
    Jiangnan nail management center super lecturer
  • 金素研
    Bachelor of Arts, Seoul Art University
    TV announcer special image designer
    Magazine model special image designer
    Korean TV ad makeup beauty designer
    Korea Image Design Association judges
    Aerial flight attendant image design lecturer
    National Image Design Competition Apex Bronze Award
    Pear female image design graduate
    New World Department Store image design special lecturer
    Seoul fashion week fashion show
    Image design group leader
  • 金荣光
    Xijiang University Bachelor 's degree in hair design
    showHairdressing salon vice president
    Hair Design National Qualification Certificate Level 1
    International Hair Skin Contest
    Beauty Ability Development Association special lecturer
    Scarf Hair Management Association
    KEB CUP Beauty contest scalp massage department award
    International Beauty Hair Contest
    International Hair Hot Contamination Competition first prize
    2012 IBU UP-style Department award
  • 郭恩妃
    Central Women 's University Bachelor' s degree in beauty
    Korea Health Management Association
    International Beauty Art and Culture Competition
    Beauty Beauty School special lecturer
    Korea eyelash extension contest Grand Prize
    South Korea semi-permanent makeup contest judges
    Korea on Style Get it beauty
    Beauty up choice Special lecturer
    ESMOD Lecture Makeup special lecturer
  • 黃美淵
    Korean Bachelor of Arts in Nail Art
    British nail beauty eyelashes training for one year
    British Beeswax Hair Removal Association Certified Expert Course Graduation
    Hold national nail qualification certificate
    Korea Beeswax Hair Removal Contest Award
    Korea Beeswax Hair Removal Association judges
    HolidayBeeswax hair removal chief education committee
    RicaBeeswax hair removal chief education committee
    BELLABeauty salon incumbent dean
  • 姜宝瑛
    Xijiang University Bachelor 's degree in hair design
    The SeriBeauty Salon Dean
    British Vidas Sassoon creates course completion
    Japanese business and popular cut dyeing hot training
    Synopsis Musical "When a man loves"
    Association of "hair indicators" hair notes
    Scarf hair special management qualification certificate
    Collaborative season management of scalp hair and other notes
    Association of tvN "moisturizing men" shape
    Herb STEMScalp management training

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