• Admission consultation and
    Introduction to teaching
  • Visa (travel) application -
    Location travel agency consultation
  • Starting from China
  • Arrival South Korea Airport -
    Airport pick up service
  • Arrival at the College -
    For admission, familiar with the place of life
  • Arrival dormitory
  • Teaching begins
    (Provide teaching, sightseeing, shopping, etc.)
  • Graduation,
    Certificate of graduation (video provided)
  • South Korea Airport to
A fee, learn so far, short-term crash, responsible in the end
Mikwang Beauty Academy is a strong teacher, advanced equipment, elegant environment, superior conditions, high quality of teaching, can be suitable for all kinds of students to learn, South Korea's first-class professional beauty vocational skills training schools. Have a national senior lecturer team, they have a wealth of field experience and methods, to conduct a rigorous system of lectures, the world's most advanced, the most practical beauty of society a full set of skills. Team teachers will be all the technology and experience without reservation to every student, the students dedicated, well responsible, individualized, want to learn will. Trainees from the Mikwang after graduation not only excellent technology, and the quality of absolute clearance.
Live practice, to ensure that learn, issued a certificate
In order to make the students really learn to learn technology, to achieve the level of independent opening, the school has advanced professional equipment, the famous entity beauty salon, every day guests in the teacher counseling for students internship, until each student can operate independently, free use of various instruments Supplies, a payment guarantee to learn, practice, short-term crash, responsible in the end.
Qualified by the examination, access to vocational qualification certificate, this card is a national general, opened by the photo.
Although we do not have too many promises, but you can listen and then register. Although we do not have too much gorgeous language, I hope you visit after the first visit. I believe that because of our different school conditions, different teachers, different teaching quality, in a huge market you will find and choose us.

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