Our school, like the previous high school, is a full-time education school,
Have a strict scoring standard, with the credit system for graduation.
Our school will continue to recruit students, the specific arrangements are as follows:
  • First, enrollment project
    10Day course, 7 day course, 5 day course
  • Second, the registration conditions
    1. Passport and entry and exit (no criminal record) are available.
    2. Interested in the beauty industry and want to start or want to engage in beauty industry can be
  • Third, the registration method
    1. Registration time: Monday to Friday
    2. Registration method: All candidates are required to fill out the application form, with all the application materials, application materials include: student passport scan, the student visa scan (such as holding), student ID card positive and negative scanning, students recently white Two-inch photo (3mmX4mm) electronic files, are sent to the mailbox form kiyung113@gmail.com.
    3. Our school will review the application materials of the students, and we will inform you separately.
    4. Students' registration materials are not refundable.
  • Fourth, the registration rules
    1. Every week to accept the registration, each week for a session, a limit of 10.
    2. 10 per week, the extra person automatically included in the next batch.
    3. Follow the order of the first to go to school, arrange the course.
    4. Students are required to pay tuition 10% for the deposit, to the school reported to pay the remaining full amount can be class. (This deposit will not be refunded after 5 days)
  • Fifth, contact information
    Contact Department: Korea Meiguang Beauty School Admissions Office (Kumho Building, 4th Floor)
    Address: Kerry Lake Building, Hanyan Cave, Longshan District, Seoul, Korea
    Post code: 04349
    Tel: + 82-2-790-1196
    Fax: + 82-2-797-1195
    Website: www.mikwang.net

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