Course Introduction
Korean semi-permanent makeup is our main course, to create the top semi-permanent makeup artist and set up. Regardless of the basis of the students, you can fully grasp the semi-permanent training of all knowledge and skills. Learning the most popular eyebrow lip design and the most fashionable top salon technology. After graduation can be completed independently, the overall design process. Is the most comprehensive semi-permanent makeup course in short-term training.
-Free full set of practical learning tools
-Qualified Graduation Certificate
Training objectives
Master the advanced semi-permanent make-up skills technology is the most basic requirements, at the same time with a comprehensive professional knowledge and fashion aesthetic ability, able to independently complete the design and performance of various eyebrows eyebrows.
Teaching content (20% theoretical course + 80% practical courses)
  • Basic semi-permanent theory - semi-permanent make-up -
    The definition of "beauty" |Semi-permanent make-up introduction / semi-permanent make-up failure case
  • Dermatology
    Skin structure |Semi-permanent and tattoo parts
  • Semi - permanent training - eyebrow design
    Face contours are balanced |The shape and position of the eyebrow |Eyebrow design (features a variety of eyebrows analysis and design |Different face suitable for eyebrow design |Failed works to modify the design |The main line of eyebrow recognition
  • eyebrow
    Water mist |Pink eyebrows |Sand fog eyebrows |Pink eyebrows |Fog eyebrows |Natural eyebrows |3Deyebrow |4Deyebrow
  • Semi - permanent training - eyeliner design
    Eye design |Eye design |Different eyeliner suitable for eyeliner design |Failed works to modify the design
  • Eyeliner
    The United States eyelashes |US pupil line |Natural eyeliner |Water drops under the eyeliner
  • Lips design
    Lips design |Small lips design |Failed works to modify
  • Semi-permanent training - lips
    Crystal lips |Jelly lips |Bitter lip
  • hairline
    Design of hairline for different hairstyles |Hairline surgery
  • MTSMicro Needle Skin Management / Totale Foundation
    Operation demonstration / operation
  • Laser spot moles
    Operation demonstration / operation
  • Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon business program
    Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon service process |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon pricing program |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon customer management program |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon shop sales program

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