Course Introduction
Eyelash extension is one of Mikwang School's specialty, which is designed to shape the top eyelashes, from the basic eye skin analysis, the hair structure to the popular eyelash design, and the maintenance and removal of eyelashes are included in the course inside. Not only to master a comprehensive and solid extension of technology, but also related to the communication with customers and eye-shaped analysis of the course, so you can not only do the work of the United States eyelashes, but also can better develop their own eyelashes business.
Training objectives
Eyelash Extending College to train students to master the skills of senior Mascus, while cultivating a comprehensive professional knowledge and fashion aesthetic, able to independently complete the various eye-shaped eyelashes work.
Employment prospects
Nail beauty eyelash shop, beauty salon, senior beauty eyelashes post
Learning Content
  • Eyelashes extend the foreground
    Eyelashes lengthening features |For people
  • Eyelashes prolonged operation
    Preoperative preparation |Operation process |Precautions |Remove eyelashes
  • Eyelash extension technique type and characteristics
    Extension method |One-on-one technique
  • Product custody and precautions
    Precautions for storage |Special matters

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