Course Introduction
Beeswax hair removal is one of Mikwang beauty school specialty. Beeswax hair removal as a very common hair removal options, much loved by many beautiful female friends. Set this course from the most basic cytology, dermatology, product theory and other theoretical knowledge, to the various parts of the use of beeswax and hair removal techniques, after graduation can fully grasp the hair removal technology and hospitality concept.
Training objectives
South Korea beeswax hair removal training students master advanced beeswax hair removal technology, while training business philosophy and hospitality knowledge, to complete the cause of South Korea beeswax hair removal business.
Employment prospects
Beeswax hair removal school recommended employment prospects: professional beauty institutions, large shopping malls, salons, beauty salons, hotels and other nail shop
Learning Content
  • Definition of bee wax hair removal
    The structure of the skin |The structure of hair follicles
  • Types and techniques of beeswax
    Soft wax |Hard wax |Brazil beeswax
  • Introduction to the product
    History of development |Material introduction |Product type and characteristics
  • Precautions
    Korean beeswax hair removal when the note |Precautions before and after hair removal |Customer note before and after hair removal
  • Examples of side effects of waxing waxing in Korea
  • Laser hair removal
    Definition of laser hair removal |The difference between laser and bee wax hair removal |The side effects of laser hair removal
  • Bikini, Brazil hair removal
    Bikini, Brazilian hair removal definition |Subject matter |Type of surgery |Style and type |Technique |Technique

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