Korea skin management teaching content (40% theoretical course + 60% practice course)
  • Basic Integrated Management - Facial Foundation
    Infant Beauty Oxygen Peeling (Oxygenated Products) + Cavitation Kernel + Origins Cell SPA Management |Oxygen Peeling + AQUA Plus + Stem cells SPA
  • Artist first aid management
    Gold snowRegenerative care |Oxy Jet Peel|Space Man Pure Oral Lifting Oxy spray |
  • Acne management
    AQUADermis: AS-AHA / SA-BHA / AO-Glycerin / S4, AQUA Peel |Vitamin Huanfu |Aladdin Huanfu |CO₂Laser dot matrix |PDTPhotodynamic therapy (Photo-dynamic therapy, RF RFTC / RF POSTCARE, Low Level Light + Galvanic Current + O₂ Generator |Smooth Peeling
  • Pore ​​management
    Vacuum negative pressure |Water spray peeling therapy - Water & peeling |Ultra-small bubble water oxygen (cavitation core) |Water Purple Deep Cleansing - Triple Peeling
  • Stable regeneration management
    Origins Cell SPA Conservation / Stem cells SPA |Ultrasonic Sebum Recycling |Bio - polymer regeneration - Collagen regeneration
  • Korea skin management - whitening management
    Ion whitening |Ionization penetration conservation |Vitamin positive and negative whitening |24KGolden Huanwei therapy
  • Wrinkle promotion management
    Microcrystalline Dermabrasion / Diamond Peeling |Percutaneous penetration |YWord micro-current stimulation therapy / Y type handpiece |Multipolar electroporation therapy
  • Korea skin management - skin diagnosis
    Three degree of flexion |3DEffect skin skin map / 3D skin surface |Fluorescence image analysis / Fluorescence image analysis |Skin pore analysis |Skin texture analysis / Skin texture analysis |Skin oil moisture analysis |Skin pigment analysis / Skin pigment analysis |UVDetection / UV detection
  • Compact body management
    Multi - polar frequency shaping |Ultrasonic explosion |Low Power Laser |Negative pressure massage |Vacuum Technology
  • Lymphatic drainage therapy - Lymph Drainage
    Operation demonstration / operation
  • Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon business program
    Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon service process |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon pricing program |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon customer management program |Korea LBL comprehensive beauty salon shop sales program

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