Course Introduction
With the attention of women on nail nail shop chain is also very promising. South Korea semi-permanent technical schools set up this special set to nail salon, nail shop and other practical operations for teaching. To the real system theory and technology-based, showing a variety of works, and suitable for employment and entrepreneurship. After graduation can fully grasp the nail technology and nail shop hospitality concept.
Training objectives
Master the skills of senior nail technician, while cultivating the trend of Korean fashion aesthetic and hospitality business philosophy, to complete the perfect nail service.
Employment prospects
Nail salon, large shopping malls, salons, beauty salons, hotels and actors, models and other personal nail stylist
Learning Content
  • Introduction to Nail
    Nail history |An overview of nail beauty
  • South Korea semi - permanent technology - dermatology
    Skin and skin attached organs |Skin type analysis |Skin and nutrition |Skin disorders and disorders |Skin immunity and skin aging
  • Cosmetics
    Introduction to Cosmetics |Cosmetics manufacturing |Cosmetic types and skills
  • South Korea semi - permanent technology - nail technology
    Hands and feet nail management |A film |Nail polish |Crystal A |Resin A |Glazeda |A gum |Artificial armor warranty and removal

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