Course content
This course is for you to learn from the beauty of your own dress, lecturer will be one by one analysis of your personal characteristics and characteristics to give you the most professional and systematic explanation, and impart a professional make-up knowledge and technology, color matching, different occasions, different dress The Let you have confidence and beauty.
Training objectives
Master the advanced makeup artist's technology is the most basic requirements, at the same time with a comprehensive professional knowledge and the current trend of South Korea's aesthetic ability to be able to independently complete a variety of character modeling.
Employment prospects
Radio and advertising company, cosmetics company, beauty salon, make-up show, studio, wedding, drama, performance, ballet and other exclusive makeup artist
Learning Content
  • Make - up artist idea and foundation
    Cosmetics awareness and application |Make-up tool selection |The choice of color and match |Bones and make-up |The contour of the face is modified with the basic base |Eyebrow design |Eye shadow blooming
  • Different makeup
    Fresh makeup |Banquet makeup |Life everyday makeup |Face makeup makeup |Now fashion personal image to play

Attention & amp; advice

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