Course content
The modeling course is a mastery of technical skills offered by Meiguang Beauty School, which does not set up a culture course, set up for students with beauty foundation, and so on, to enhance the make-up, beauty salon, nail and other professional knowledge and technology. After graduation can grasp the current Korean popular all the modeling knowledge.
Training objectives
Master more modeling knowledge and strengthen their skills, while understanding the Korean fashion aesthetic, and able to complete a variety of different shapes.
Employment prospects
Practical completion of the excellent stylist in all the shooting scene has a very wide range of activities.
Learning Content
  • Make-up modeling
    Make - up artist thought and morals |Makeup finishing techniques |Plate style |Fashion life modeling |Creative makeup |Photography and makeup with makeup
  • hairstyle
    Hair style |Floating technology |Plate style |Perm shape
  • Nail
    Crystal A |Light therapy armor |Painted a

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