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MTS(Mikwangeedle therapy system),That is, in order to maximize the active ingredients into the skin, the use of micro-needle directly through the epidermis and dermis layer to open a new channel, to build a surprising new concept of communication system. Unlike the original method of stripping the original skin, the use of a more fine hair than the hair of the needle, will not damage the epidermis, do not need to remove the original old skin, is to induce skin self-collagen production of the FDA recognized skin recovery Technique. Because 100% use the skin's own regenerative capacity, it is excellent for improving wrinkles, removing / preventing pigmentation, and improving skin elasticity / color effect. In particular, MTS will not bring any obstacles to daily life. There is no pigmentation and hardening and other side effects.
Training objectives
Master the skills of senior beautician, while training professional MTS management knowledge and technology, to complete the skin to judge and management.
Learning Content
  • MTSdefinition
    definition |effect |side effect |Side effects management and improvement
  • MTSPrinciple and use of the method
    principle |Skin regeneration therapy
  • Introduction to the product
    Introduction to the product |Product type and characteristics
  • Precautions
    Preoperative attention |Postoperative attention

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