• Cooperation Process
    The first step, the need to provide the relevant background information and business plan;
    The second step, to study the franchisee's business qualifications and market feasibility;
    The third step, signed a cooperation agreement, the formal establishment of the contractual relationship;
    The fourth step, into normal operation.
    Pre-communication, information exchange, cooperation application → cooperation on the relevant details of the communication → signed a cooperation agreement → the system of customer service support.
  • Cooperation conditions
    (1)Engaged in the beauty industry;
    (2)Familiar with Korean beauty technology or in the beauty industry has a deep background;
    (3)Have a certain project to do and planning capacity;
    (4)Familiar with the local education market, in the local has a wealth of educational resources, or have other industry marketing experience.
  • Korea Meiguang cooperation
    ①Beauty industry joined the cooperation: China's legal beauty industry to cooperate with the way the school, the school is responsible for technology, providing semi-permanent make-up, eyelashes extended, micro-shaping products and services. Our first-class technician to the co-operation or education. Partners do not have to pay the cost, just pay the cost of surgery can be, the income of the cooperation by their own decision.
    ②Beauty institutions: Chinese legal beauty institutions to the way of cooperation with the school, the school developed beauty professional and technical training projects. Provide educational and sightseeing tours in parallel. The school provides on-site training and education in South Korea two ways.
    ③Purchase of equipment and equipment: In addition to providing technology, the school also provides product equipment and high-end beauty equipment, those who need to buy.
  • Contact information
    Contact Department: Malaysia Mikwang Beauty Center Planning Department
    Address: B-1-11, Plaza Arkadia, No 3, Perdana, Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: + 603-2720-0806
    Website: kr-mikwang.com

    Contact Department: Korea Mikwang Beauty Center Planning Department
    Address: 40 Usadan-ro, Yongsan-gu 140893 Seoul, Korea
    Tel: + 82-70-7770-7911 / + 82-10-5231-5211 / + 82-10-7516-0913
    Fax: + 82-2-797-1195
    QQ/Micro letter: 3217989492/2562682041
    Website: www.mikwang.net

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