LBL(Luxury Beauty Lounge)
To the abbreviation of luxury beauty salon in the name To face high-end customer base, the most luxurious Korean service concept and the spread of the top salon technology,
And the Korean service culture into China, access to high-end customer trust in China as the goal. In this, the heat summoned, the Chinese join.
Expect to help develop together.
Project Introduction
[ Full shop output support]
The whole to provide education, training, decoration design, Korean original equipment products, technology, management mode, no experience can also be a boss.
After signing the shop
  • Semi-permanent makeup (eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, hairline) MTS microneedle skin care technology transfer + all equipment products
  • Make-up technology to teach + all equipment products
  • Eyelash extension technology transfer + all equipment products
  • Beauty equipment skin care management technology to teach
  • Beeswax hair removal technology to teach + all equipment products
  • Korea cosmetics application and sales technology to teach
  • Nail (high-end automatic nail machine) technology to teach + all equipment products
Corporate mission: to convey faith, to spread the good (love) / corporate vision: to become influential company (constant love) / entrepreneurial spirit: willing to sacrifice, willing to give (homes love) / core values: sincere treat people, pious dream (Love)
Core idea: love with the United States
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